Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Dawn of a New Era

For those of you following from my old blog ( ) welcome to the relaunch of my political blog.  I felt hemmed into my old style of angry third party voter and disgruntled American; also I was unhappy with the website hosting my blog, I felt Blogger would allow me access to a wider audience.  While I am still very disgruntled I have taken the energy wasted on angry voter and channeled into community action.  Instead of just writing about getting back to an America that the Founding Father's dreamed about I am now active in my community to make it happen.

I am the Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of Clark County (Washington), as well as a candidate for several commissions on a city and state level.  While I have not been assigned to a Board or Commission yet I am hopeful that it will happen sooner than later.  In the meantime my local Libertarian's and I are trying hard to see the defeat of long time Mayor of Vancouver Royce "We have a tax for that" Pollard.  We are backing City Councilman Tim Leavitt for the job and hopefully entrusting him with the future of Vancouver, Washington.  We also endorse Adam Baldwin for Evergreen School District Board.

Don't worry though, I won't just be on my soap (bread?) box about all things local, believe me there is much to be written about on a state and federal level.  As I like to say, "Defeating Socialism one social network at a time."  Being active on Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and here takes some time, but you, my friend, are worth it.

A few of my views:

1.  We need health care reform, but rather it should be in the form of regulation of the health insurance industry rather than the destruction of it.  Much like the airlines were regulated, but smarter.

2.  Cap and Trade Bill H.R. 2454 will change the way every person in this country lives.  This should be unveiled for the evil piece of legistlation it is.

3.  We need to play to win in Afghanistan or get out immediately, no middle ground.  Iraq is a lost cause, we need to get out of there right now and leave it to the sovergien government to sink or swim, we have spilled enough blood over that sandy plot of land.

4.  Some politicians have had over 30 years to get it right, and they have consistently failed term after term, decade after decade.  They are the problem.  Vote in fresh new ideas, do not overlook third party candidates if they match with your core principals.  Not all Dems and Repubs are bad, sort them out and cut off the dead weight and bring us back to the ideals of Jefferson, Adams, Monroe and Washington.

This is just a taste of what is to come.  I am glad to be back and hope you will join me for the ride.

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