Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's Election Time, You Knew I Couldn't Stay Away

It has been a long time my Liberty loving friends but I have decided, for election season at the very least, to bring back Liberty's Bread Box from the ashes, much like a Phoenix..

I had decided to dive head-long in local politics for a while, even ran for office a few years ago (and lost horribly).  However I learned a lot running for office and I chronicled it in an article on a Libertarian website.  You can find it HERE!!!  I hope someone looking to run for office can use my experience and avoid some pitfalls.

I've been looking for the people to watch in this years Presidential election and I see that the Republicans are tenaciously holding on to the plan of repeating 2008 by nominating a wishy-washy candidate who can neither bind the party nor appeal to the independents.  Talk about not learning from the past and doomed to repeat it.

The Democrats are going another round with the most impressive money making machine ever to bundle a Super PAC, President Barack Hussein Obama and his Socialist traveling road show.  It is the smart thing to do for them, while Obama does not unite the party as well as they hoped he appeals to the Democratic voting base.  I have to wonder though how his Jewish base will be.  No doubt that Obama has thrown Israel under the bus several times and you have to wonder about the intelligence of any American Jew that votes for him again.

And now a few words about Rush Limbaugh.  In America we have the First Amendment and it guarantees we can say what we want without fear.  There is also common decency which states that we should all be nice to one another, do until others and above all....

However, with that freedom to shoot your mouth off like a fully automatic Howitzer comes the responsibility to take the consequences of your actions.  It's about living by the Golden Rule, which in my world comes from the world of Wil Wheaton (@wilw on Twitter), it goes like this, "Don't be a DICK!"  Mr. Limbaugh, don't be a dick.  You know he'll do it again so just don't listen if it offends you. 

And now some words about the Libertarian Party.

I am a proud card carrying member of the Libertarian Party, I believe in the ideals that the party was founded on, I think that this party would run candidates closer to the ideals of Thomas Jefferson rather than the R's and D's who run candidates who are wholly owned and indebted.  However for a long time the Libertarian Party has been more of a debate club than a think tank of Liberty and Freedom.  It looks like some people have moved up in the party who have the idea that we need to get more Libertarians elected to office.  Any office.  I applaud this move.  I would like to see some moving and shaking in my party, and now finally it is.

Yes, Mr. Romney, I have a question.  Mr. Romney, do you think you can do for this country what you did to the once great state of Massachusetts?  What's that, you think you can?  That's frightening Mr. Romney.

I beg of you, my readers, to look into Gary Johnson.  Gary Johnson's Web Site

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