Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another wasted Fourth of July

I can proudly say that I am the Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of Clark County.  That and four bucks will get me a coffee at Starbucks. 

I really enjoy being a Libertarian and I sincerely believe in the principals of the party, the Founding Fathers and the Constitution.  Unfortunately there are very very few of us in Clark County, Washington that feel the same way.  Over the last three years or so three of us have been trying to bring the party into the political light in our county.  We have had people come and go, even had a few dozen people at a meeting or two but ultimately it comes down to three of us.  This is depressing.

One of our big deals every year that we get hopeful about generating interest is our booth at the Fourth of July Fireworks Show at Fort Vancouver.  It draws a big crowd, around 10,000 or so.  You would think that the day and the festivities would make people think about liberty.  No, pretty much they think about beer and elephant ears and fireworks... lots and lots of fireworks!

This particular year we had a mission to gather signatures to get the Libertarian Presidential Candidate on the Washington State ballot for November.  The State Chairman asked us to get 100 signatures at our event.  After 12 hours we got 45 signatures.  Luckily through two other events we did bag over 100, but it was so very depressing to have all those people walking by and so few taking a part in the freedoms a Republic affords.

I could wail about the lack of political interest in the United States, I could scream about how the two parties are really no different in the way they govern and spend but I am fighting a wall of apathy. 

It would be nice if people took a moment on the Fourth of July to remember what we have, what we could lose and appreciate those that died for their elephant ears, beer and fireworks.  I know I ask a lot. 

The Libertarian Party's time will come, of that I have no doubt.  When it happens I will no longer have to defend "wasting my vote" or my party of choice.  Thing is, I don't vote a straight party ticket, sometimes an R or a D is the better choice for an office, it should be the best person for the job not what letter is next to their name. 

As for the Libertarian Party of Clark County, we need to find a better way to reach people and retain their interest.  We need to show people that the Founding Father's way is the blueprint we need to follow, not the convoluted rules we play by now.  We need supporters.  We need sexy cheerleaders.

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