Friday, August 3, 2012

Why Gary Johnson is a viable candidate

For the first time since possibly the late Harry Browne the Libertarian Party has a candidate that has the philosophy and governing background that would make a President that could hit the ground running.  Gary Johnson's common sense business approach to governing sets him apart from a sea of candidates and incumbents who are so corrupt from the way things are done in Washington DC.

The former two term Governor of New Mexico has a long history of exercising proper Veto power, both overall (750 times) and line item (thousands of times).  Bills that expanded Government met a swift end at the desk of the Governor from both sides of the aisle.  Johnson came into the state capital with a state that was in debt and left it with a major surplus of money.  He privatized industries that were previously held by Government and showed no job losses in his state.  Only New Mexico's two term limit stopped Johnson from further expanding liberty in New Mexico.

People have to understand that apart from a very few social stances there is no difference between a Republican and a Democrat.  Both have long histories of expanding the role of Government in our lives, both cater to the exact same special interests and of course each has their own special interests that they cater to.  This is so you get so polarized by the R vs D thing that you get convinced that voting for a third party is a "wasted vote".  This is not the United States that the Founding Fathers envisioned.  For a comparison of the candidates please look HERE.

Eventually people have to come out from under the ether and see that the biggest problem in the USA is the two party system. 

 "Wonder Twin Powers Activate!!!"

President Obama has given us ObamaCare, which the Supreme Court has upheld as a tax.  That's bad.  You know what could be potentially worse?  RomneyCare.  Talk to anyone from Massachusetts.  Less Government intervention into the Health Care Industry can lessen the costs for all of us.  I don't mean to say that Big Pharma will go unchecked, it's not in their best interests to release things that are potentially harmless, especially when all those bought and paid for politicians cannot cover for them anymore.  Change the game, reset the rules and everyone has to play or be out of the game.

What Gary Johnson affords the United States citizen is freedom and liberty.  A less intrusive government.  True separation of church and state.  Someone with Veto power in the White House that can finally, truly walk down the middle of the aisle and befriend both sides.  It's not only not a wasted vote, it is the only logical vote.

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